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Cryogenic products are used in a wide range of industries, from biotechnology and university research to beverage applications, electronics, and artificial insemination.

Liquid Nitrogen Dosing
Liquid nitrogen dosing system -  designed to inject a drop of rapidly expanding liquid nitrogen into the headspace of a container before capping or seaming. The resulting pressure adds strength to thin walled containers and reduces the headspace oxygen content. 












Semiflexible Vacuum Insulated Piping

The transfer of liquid nitrogen requires well insulated vacuum jacketed cryogenic pipes/hoses to ensure that liquid of the desired quality is available at the point of use. API offers the most reliable range of bendable and flexible vacuum jacketed pipes and are selected based on your system requirements.

Liquid Nitrogen Generators
Businesses, industries, hospitals, universities and research centers relay on our expertise to provide them with a reliable, on site, supply of gases and liquids for cooling purposes. Our cooling system is an indispensable piece of equipment in those situations where constant cryogenic cooling is crucial.  We can provide systems from 10 ltrs/day to 1000 ltrs/day.













Cryogenic Storage Tanks

API offers several different models and sizes of storage units for a variety of cryogenic gases such as Liquid nitrogen, liquid CO2 and liquid oxygen.

CO2 Systems 
API provides vaporizers (electric, steam, water), pumps, cylinder filling stations, filters and chillers for all your CO2 needs. In addition, we are experts in dry ice production and storage.


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