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Quality Control

Quality Control 

API offers quality control equipment and systems for food, beverage, beer and pharmaceutical industries.

Cap Torque Analyzers (Torqo, SureTorque)

API offers the leading cap torque analyzers for a a wide set of industries


Data Logging (Data Trace)

API offers high precision data logging systems for temperature, pressure and humidity

Compaction and Tableting Analysis

API provides manual tablet compaction machines designed for using standard tooling in all sizes for small scale tableting.

Powder and Liquid Samplers

API offers unit-dose and bulk powder, liquid, and semi-solid samplers available in various lengths and configurations

Cleaning Validation

API offers patented tool assists in cleaning validation swabbing of large vessels, tanks, reactors, and hard to reach areas - including baffles.
Along with the cleaning tool we provide Cleaning Validation Coupons.  We offer numerous stock materials and can source custom materials, sizes and finishes. Ask us for our list of available options.
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